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From 1998 to early 2012, sculptor Mike Abrams subleased Gold Leaf Studios in Mount Vernon Square to scores of artists. After he found out last summer that the warehouse would become a residential building, Abrams told me he planned to look for another space in which he could gather a community of artists. With the Warehouse Loft's exit, he's now found it. In addition to several spaces on the third floor, Abrams will also oversee three large work spaces and two small ones on the building's first floor. (Those first-floor spaces once belonged to the studio/gallery Art Enables.)

"I am planning to try to attract working artists and people who are producing product," Abrams writes, "and also placing some flex space on both floors for arts events and class/workshop use." He says prices will range from $650 to $1,200 a month, depending on the space.

Email Mike Abrams at abrams_studios@verizon.net for more info on Union Arts DC and Studio Spaces.

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wood workers


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Need an Art Studio? New Spaces Are Coming Posted by Jonathan L. Fischer

on Nov. 16, 2012 at 12:25 pm