Tips on loading the dumpster for safe transportation

Filling a dumpster may seem like an easy task, but it isn’t. There are a few factors you should pay attention to when you’re loading it. Many people oversee these important elements and end up with a half-full container with no room left for new stuff. That’s why it’s important for you to read this article and apply these tips next time.

Roll off dumpster

The back door

Every dumpster has a door for the unloading. Although it’s not designed for the loading process, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Many people who work in this industry tend to open these doors and to facilitate easier loading or large debris, bulky objects, and so on. It makes the job much easier and quicker. However, make sure to close the door tightly after you’ve finished loading the container, because having a door which has the potential to pop open at any time is a serious hazard for the environment, especially for those standing nearby. Falling debris such as glass, sharp objects, and rusty metal are potentially lethal.

Pay attention to hazardous waste

Things like old TVs, batteries, cleaners, pesticides, paints, and more pose a threat to the environment and shouldn’t be disposed of in a container. Instead, you should contact the local facility that’s specialized in the disposal of hazardous and toxic waste. Keeping these units out saves the environment and eliminates the possibility of poisoning. Make sure you consult the rental company and get a better insight into the required precautionary measures regarding toxic waste.

Transport Dumpster

Don not overfill

Although it’s better and cheaper to pay for only one tour, it’s not advised. Try to resist the urge of filling the container pass the walls. If you load more material than recommended, you’re putting the people nearby in danger of falling debris. Also, many states have laws against overfilling past the edges of the walls. It means you’ll have to remove all the excess junk before transporting.

Dumpster for transportWeight distribution

Weight distribution is one of the crucial things for a successful junk haul. Don’t pile the junk up in only one corner, because you’re putting the driver in danger. Keeping the weight distributed evenly throughout the container means that the driver won’t have to compensate for the weight while hauling it to a facility. This step is especially important if you’re disposing of heavy things such as closets, washing machines, pianos, and so on.


Keep the light objects on the bottom

Lightweight objects such as paper, cardboard, and Styrofoam, can easily fly off the top. That’s why it’s important to keep the lighter things in the bottom of the container, so they don’t fly off during transport. One more thing you can do is to mix lightweight with heavy objects in trash bags, if possible. This method will ensure that everything stays in its place until it’s time for the unloading.

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